The dusting of snow around the lawn this morning jogs my memory of a time last January when meteorologists were forecasting a large snowstorm for the following day. Similar to this year, there hadn't yet been any school cancellations and, oh, how my sons were wishing for a snow day! My older son, who was simply almost fourteen, had heard that if you wear pajamas back to front you'll get a snow day. He came downstairs appropriate with pockets flapping and the skiers on his flannel pajamas will no longer visible-they were facing inside. At 6:15 a.m. the next morning, peering in to the pre-dawn darkness, we saw no snow on the floor and only a few flakes falling. Seeing my son's crestfallen face, I suggested that we turn on the TV news to get the latest update. The weatherman was still calling for around 12 inches of snow locally, beginning in the morning and lasting the majority of the day. There were a lot of school closings scrolling on the bottom from the screen. We watched, holding our breath, until they finally reached our town and that we saw, "Closed." I wish I'd had a camera handy to capture the appearance on my son's face as he exclaimed, "It worked! We have a snow day!" - Manifestation Miracle

Soon after this we watched the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" explaining the "magical" power of thought and energy in terms of quantum physics. This coming year we've all watched "The Secret" which demystifies the Law of Attraction. Although I have been learning about and discussing manifestation and the Law of Attraction for years, he's at the age where he rolls his eyes and in all likelihood thinks, "What the bleep does she know!?" once i bring up such topics. However, having his ski team coach show "The Secret" within a recent practice was enough to grab his attention. Between many of these experiences, I think my son has begun to grasp that we go about doing create our own reality.

Just in case manifestation piques your interest also, here's a basic outline of procedures in the process:

1. DESIRE The method often begins with dissatisfaction, an observation of something that's less than ideal, and clarity by what it is that you do want and the reasons you want it. This desire turns into a request. (From a spiritual perspective, you might think of it as placing an order with the Universe, making a prayer of petition, or calling upon your angels and guides for help.)

2. THOUGHT If the desire is motivated by lack or fear, you need to reframe it into a positive thought, since our opinion about is what we produce. In my son's case, an initial want "for school to be closed tomorrow" focuses on school and it is better reframed as "I want a snow day" focusing on snow. In addition, you must believe in the possibility of what you want coming true. You have to expect miracles before they can happen. One technique at this stage is to create a mental picture of your desired outcome.

3. FEELING As powerful as affirmations are, thoughts alone may not be enough to make your dreams be realized. Combine your thoughts with positive feelings, however, and also you you'll put the Law of Attraction to work for you. Let yourself steep in the feelings of euphoria, excitement, or peace that you will have when you get what you desire. The bigger vibration created by the power of these feelings turns into a powerful magnet, pulling what you want your way.

4. RECEIVING This final stage is about being open to although not forcing an outcome. It is also not a passive process-you don't want to watch opportunities go by you. Instead, you want to take appropriate action and stick to the doors that open to suit your needs. - Manifestation Miracle